Singing News Christmas Article 1993

Written 20 years ago, this article is still very relevant today!  Yes, Faye still sets up all the Christmas trees too!


By Mike Speck

I love the Christmas season! It is the one time of the year our family loses their senses concerning food, presents, food and more presents. It’s also the time of the year when the family of God have a wonderful opportunity to remind the entire world of the reason for this holiday season.
There are so many memories connected with Christmas. I can still remember my first Christmas cantata: “Night of Miracles” by John W. Peterson. That was about 30 years ago. My, my we’ve come a long way since then. We now have “cantatas” with live animals (camels, donkeys, sheep), complete dramas (with authentic costumes) and full orchestras. Some churches begin the preparation for their “Christmas Musicals” sometime in August. It has become a major undertaking that requires thousands of dollars, hundreds of people and hours and hours of planning, promotion and preparation. Of course, there are degrees of this scenario but more and more churches are attempting to do things in a big way for the Kingdom of God

I’m for anything and everything we can do to expose a lost, hurting world to the Prince of Peace. Singing in a major production is one of the most exciting ways to fulfill the great commission; not to mention the blessing it is to those of us that are saved. Hundreds and even thousands of people will attend our drama/musicals this year. Think of the great opportunity we have to give them more that just a “good” feeling. Wouldn’t it be great if they came to hear little Johnny sing but left with Jesus in their heart? All that we do should be redemptive in it’s motive and essence.

I also want to encourage you to remember that all the labor and hard work shouldn’t stop when Christmas is over. In fact, it’s sad when choir attendance doubles just on special occasions. It is an awesome thought to consider what our worship services might be if we had the same kind of intense promotion, planning and preparation week to week as we do for Christmas and Easter.

Some may feel that we are being too extravagant with all these Christmas musicals and dramas. Well, what’s excessive to one might be normal to another. During the 21 years of our marriage, my wife has accumulated 6 Christmas trees and she puts all of them up before Thanksgiving. Is that wild or what? My wife claims there is a scripture for this. Collosians 3:21 says, “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily as unto the Lord”. Well in that case, where is that divinity candy and give me another slice of fruit cake….. May each of you have a wonderful Christmas and may 1994 be our greatest year for the King!