Singing News Article #7



 By Mike Speck

I believe there are four basic parts to what we call a “worship service”.  They are

celebration, participation, proclamation, and inivitation.  We have already dealt with

celebration and participation.  Celebration and participation is where the music part of

the service primarily takes place.  The third basic area of worship is PROCLAMATION.

Proclamation is when the man of God stands to deliver the message from God.  Most

times this will be from the pastor.  Hopefully, he will not just preach a sermon, but will

deliver a message from the Lord–a message that God has burned into his heart, that

will minister life to the body of Christ.

The proclamation of the word of God is an important part of worship.  We have an

opportunity to hear our Heavenly Father’s divine plan for peace, health, joy, prosperity;

everything we need to be overcomers and victorious in this life.  Proclamation or

preaching is sometimes challenging and confrontational.  It reveals what we really are

compared to what we should be.

When we worship the Lord, we have the glorious privilege and opportunity to hear God

speak.  Someone once asked if I ever heard God speak out loud.  I told them it was

louder than that!  In fact, I can’t remember a time when the Lord did not speak to me

when I was in a “worship service”.

Finally, preaching is the means by which most all of us were saved.  The scripture says,

“the preaching of the cross is foolishness to them that perish, but unto us that are

saved it is the power of God…”.  It is the preaching and proclamation of the Gospel (the

death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus) that changes lives.

You are probably asking, “what does this have to do with me, the music minister or

choir member.  I’m glad you asked because the way (attitude) you “celebrate” and

“participate” in worship is in direct proportion to the anointing that is on the

“proclamation”.  We’re talking about the anointing of God on the messenger, the

message and most important, the hearers.  You see, our responsibility as worship

leaders is every bit as important as the preacher’s.  Celebration and participation

should create such an atmosphere of Jesus that the preacher, as well as everyone else

in the house, is ready to hear and obey God.  Want to see your preacher preach the

paint off the walls?  Sing with all your heart to the Lord whether you feel like it or not!

Choose to praise Him and watch the Spirit of the Lord come and do what can’t be done

by the manipulation of preachers and singers.