Singing News Article #6



 By Mike Speck

This article is a continuation of the four basic parts of a “worship service” .  We’ve

already discussed the importance of the first part: CELEBRATION.  After we have had

a time of rejoicing and praising God with alive, exciting music we should start to turn the

focus toward  the second critical part of our worship time: PARTICIPATION.  The pace

and tempo of the music begins to slow somewhat and the hymns, choruses, scripture

songs along with those singing special music enters a time of more intense worship

and adoration of the Lord.  During “celebration” we sang and testified about the Lord.

During “participation”, we begin singing more to the Lord.  In other words, the

congregation is not the audience and we are not the entertainers. We sing to our

Heavenly Father; for He is our audience.

It is incredible to be in a “worship service” where everyone there is “PARTICIPATING”

in praising and magnifying Jesus.  Don’t misunderstand; we all praise Him a little

differently.  Some will weep when they walk in to His presence.  Others will lift hands;

signifying they surrender to the Spirit of the Lord.  Still others will have the peace and

presence of God all over their face.  I have been in churches where this special time of

intimacy with the Spirit of God  caused supernatural, unexplainable things to take

place.   People immediately began to get right with God and each other.  I have seen

immense joy break out and countless lives restored and refreshed. The scripture says

“In His presence, there is fullness of joy”.

There are thousands of congregations and churches that have never experienced what

I’m talking about.  Hundreds of choirs and ministers of music know how to perform, but

never have this kind of overwhelming glory in their “worship services”.  I want to remind

you again that I am just learning about this myself.  I have tasted of heavenly things

and can no longer be satisfied by the husks of entertainment and talent.  I personally

need that divine interrruption of a Holy God that happens when I truly worship Him.  I

think there are many hungry Christians, especially worship leaders, that know there is

surely more to this thing called worship than what we have experienced. Praise His

Holy name, there is!

In the past 22 years of our ministry, I have seen Christianity change dramatically.  Yet,

one thing has remained constant–God has, and always will have, a remnant of people

that will worship and praise Him.  Why not take a moment today and sing to the Lord a

song from your heart.