Singing News Article #5



By Mike Speck

 “Let’s put our hands together, we’re gonna celebrate Jesus’ name”.  That’s the

beginning line of a song that Janet Paschal made popular.  It is also where every

church worship service should begin.

We do have a reason to celebrate.  How about starting by praising God for forgiving us

and giving us eternal life.  Or how about praising Him for all the ways He blessed us

this week.  What about being able to see, walk, talk, hear,  taste, ……….. Boy, do we

ever take for granted all we have in Jesus.  He is forever faithful and gives us peace in

the midst of our storms.  He is the God of all encouragement.  We could go on and on.

“Hallelujah, what a Savior”.

As I shared  with you previously, there are four parts to our worship services.  They are

celebration, participation, proclamation, and invitation.  Let’s take a moment to talk

about celebration.  I’m talking about a congregation or choir that sings rejoicing, alive,

exciting up tempo songs that blesses the Father and encourages the saints.  I’m talking

about music that makes us look forward to going to church.  Nothing lifts the spirits or

changes the mood of a person like celebration in worship .

Can celebration get too wild?   I think it is possible, but I have never personally seen it.

Someone once said, “I’d rather cool down a fanatic on fire than resurrect a religious

corpse.  Celebration is not just emotionalism or entertainment.  It is the reason some

churches are filled with people and some aren’t.  I get to wondering if we can’t stand

praising God for an hour or two a week, how will we stand an eternity of it.  All that

have been washed in the Blood of the Lamb along with all the angels in glory, will

celebrate and praise the King of Kings forever and ever.

If only we, who lead in worship, could get a grasp at how our Lord loves to hear His

children singing, rejoicing and praising His name.  As you well know, He inhabits our

praises.  There are scriptures all through the word of God that reveal this great truth.

Still, there are those who look upon clapping and raising hands, along with certain

styles and tempos of music, as disrespectful and irreverent.  In our next article we will

talk about the second phase of  worship; participation.  We will discuss the need to get

quiet and intimate with our worship of the Lord.