Singing News Article #4



 By Mike Speck

 There are four basic parts to what we call the “Worship Service”.  They are


that PROCLAMATION (preaching) is the main reason for “having church”.  According to

the word of God all four are equally and distinctly important to the body of Christ.  I

don’t want to minimize preaching in any way, but, we must come to realize that music is

not like a pre-game warm up for the main event.  Music is not something tacked on to

the service to get people ready to hear the preacher. It is so much more than

something to fill up time and show off talent.  God Himself has ordained that we should

sing.  In other words, our Heavenly Father likes it.  It is an important, powerful force in

our lives that I’m just now beginning to understand.  When the people of God come

together and begin singing from their heart to the Lord, something unexplainable

begins to happen.  Like a mighty wave in the ocean, the Holy Spirit shows up.

Sometimes it’s like a gentle breeze that bathes, refreshes, and renews the spirit of the

weary Christian.

 How ever you describe it, every one of us need it.  Once you’ve experienced the joy of

being ushered away into the presence of the Lord, you will never be satisfied with

dead, cold, formal religion.

 For the next few articles, I want to share some insights to these four areas of the

worship service.  The first is CELEBRATION.

 There must be a time in the service when the saints of God celebrate and rejoice.  The

bible says to enter His courts with praise and to come before His presence with singing.

I’m talking about alive, exciting, emotionally charged music that creates an atmosphere

of celebration.  Many churches are fearful of starting out a service with such excitement

and rejoicing; however, people in the pews are starving for it.  They’ve been in heated

spiritual conflict all week and have come to be encouraged and restored by the mighty

presence of the Lord.  The last thing they need is to sit in a church listening to music

found at the funeral home.  Someone has said that on every church steeple there

should be a sign saying “HAPPY HOUR 11:00 AM THIS SUNDAY”

 Start the service with songs like “Power in the Bood”, “Victory in Jesus”, “New name

written in Glory”.  Or  choruses like “What a mighty God we Serve”, and “I’m Saved to

the Uttermost”.  Be careful!  Somebody might get happy!