Singing News Article #3


By Mike Speck

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.  Boy, does that ever ring true when it comes to

choral music.  I’ve seen choirs and choir leaders murder a great song because of how

they sang it.  I was in Greenville, South Carolina and flipped on the TV on a Sunday

afternoon.  I grabbed the remote control and began doing one of my favorinte things–

watching 12 TV channels at once.  I was having a blast with the remote control until my

wife grabbed it from me.  While going through the channels I caught one of the local

church services being broadcast.  The minister of music stood stone faced (along with

the other ministers on the platform).  They were singing “What A Day That Will Be”.

One of the men on the platform was not participating at all.  I wondered what folks

thought of them as they were flipping through the channels like me that afternoon.

 What makes the difference in a worship service?  I believe it’s the Holy Spirit.  The Holy

Spirit is powerful, alive, exciting, supernatural God doing what only God can do.  Most

churches have a form of godliness with no power.  Like Samson who went out to do

battle with the emeny.  He was completely unaware that the power and anointing of

God had left him.

 You show me a church filled with the Spirit of God and I’ll show you an alive, exciting,

energetic, unpredictable supernatural worship service filled with expression and

passion for the Lord Jesus.  I fear we are singing the right songs and preaching the

right message without the power and anointing of God.  We are just earthen vessels;

cracked and broken.  But when these vessels are filled with the Spirit, Jesus flows out.

And the Spirit of Jesus is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

meekness and self-control.  You don’t work these attributes up or learn how to possess

them.  They are the natural expression of the Holy Spirit manifested in and through

your life.  When you squeeze a spirit filled Christian, all that can spill out is the Spirit of


 Revival is simply getting full of Jesus.  That means swallowing our religious pride and

admitting our religion is dead and dry.  Our prayers are cold and hearts have become

hard.  Our singing is to impress each other and has become powerless and fruitless

performance; unmoving the sinner to Jesus.  When a person or choir is experiencing

genuine Holy Ghost revival, it will manifest itself in the way they sing.  They will be

singing the same old songs but they are miraculously fresh and exciting.   A church in

revival is a happy, singing church.  It will also be a sensitive, compassionate church.

For instead of thinking of only themselves, they will think of others first and foremost.

Their hearts will hurt with the hurting and will weep with those that are weeping.  The

church becomes like Jesus.

 The difference is the power of God.  When the glory of God is on a life or on a church,

it’s not what they sing as much as it is how they sing it that comminicates Jesus to a

hurting world.