Singing News Article 2


By Mike Speck

Before the service starts Danny Deadhead has already manned his pew.  He has his

arms folded, a scowl angry look on his face.  He’s not going to sing, he’s not even

going to act interested.  In fact, he’s going to look and act miserable.  Do you have any

people like this in your church?  Sure, you do!

 It is now a proven fact that at least 14% of the folks in your congregation are going to

be against anything you do.  If the rapture was up for vote, they’d vote against it.  For

years I let those characters keep me from praising God.  That sour, critical look  on their

face was such a blessing.  They are in every church.  If you let them, they will grieve

you to the point of discouragement and frustration.

 One Sunday morning I stood to lead the music and decided I wouldn’t pay any attention

to Charlie Criticizer and Susie Sourface.  I looked toward heaven and sang to the Lord.

Then I sought out folks in the service that were singing from their heart with joy on their

face.  It was amazing how I had let those 14% rob me of my joy and praise to Jesus.

As I began singing to the Lord, I found myself praising God and having the time of my

life.  Eventually other folks started joining me.  I determined then and there that if no

one else praised God, I would.

 Do you know that can make all the difference in your church service?  Stop focusing on

the 14%!  The bible says, “he that doesn’t have the Spirit of Christ is none of His”.  The

Spirit of Jesus is sweet, loving, kind, gracious and humble.  Folks that are not saved,

along with backsliders, are negative, critical, sharped-tongue, hateful and even cruel.

 The prince of the power of the air (atmosphere) is the devil.  He’s created an

atmosphere over the entire world that makes it easy to sin and be rebellious against a

Holy God.  We that sing in the choir and lead music are responsibel for shattering that

atmosphere.  It is when we come together praising, rejoicing, and exalting our great

God that the sweet Holy Spirit invades our house of worship and dead, cold religion

becomes alive by the fire and power of that Holy God.  Suddenly there is an

atmosphere that makes it easy for men, women, boys and girls to respond to the Lord

Jesus.  Christians are refreshed and revived.

 As worship leaders, we are to be thermostats and not thermometers.  A thermometer

reacts to the temperature in the room.  For several years I was a thermometer, reacting

to people in the Sunday morning service.  A thermostat is different.  It sets the

temperature in the room.  When I made the choice to praise the King of Kings, no

matter what, the room temperature definitely changed.  I had become a thermostat.  It

changed my entire ministry!!

 Leave old Danny Deadhead alone.  Don’t try to blast out the old stumps, just plow

around them and keep singing and praising the name of Jesus.  It really does work!